Adult dogs Available


Adult dogs

We have adult dogs up for adoption from time to time.  Dogs pictured are the ones ready for their new home.  All dogs listed here are former breeder dogs either from our kennels or different kennels we help out with placement.  These dogs are fully vetted.  Even at the ages they are, they can still be trained and make wonderful pets.  With our protocols in place and a young placement of  these dogs, we have great success with our adult dogs.  They make just as nice pets as our puppies do.  For more information on any of these or any other upcoming adults, please contact us at:

Call 716-337-4024

Text 716-860-7371





1. Cavalier King Charles -Male -3 1/2 yrs old

Ask about  “Charlie”



2. Mini Australian Shepherd-Female . 2 yrs old

Asking about “Marlee”

3. Shihtzu Female – 3 yrs old

Ask about “Tara”

4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male – 4 yrs old

Ask about “Tilon”

5. Bernese Mountain Dog Female – 3 yrs old

Ask about “Victoria”

6. Jack Russell Terrier mix Female – 2 yrs old

Ask about “Jackie”











Please Note:  If you have seen an adult dog listed on the page and checked back and noticed it has been removed, this means the dog has been adopted and found their forever home.



































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