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Pictures of Puppies for sale

Dan’s Kennels features a wide variety of heart-stealing puppies ready to become your new best friend. Pictures include a diverse collection of popular pure-bred and mixed breeds of small and medium-sized pups including mini-dachshunds, golden retrievers, shih tzus, Labrador retrievers and many more. All puppies are carefully raised and appropriately trained to maintain top health and cultivate loving personalities. Each pup displays many of the iconic markings and traits of their breed as well as their own unique character. Socialization with different humans and animals makes each puppy friendly, accepting and the perfect playmate for kids and other animals. Browse the gallery to find your ideal male or female pure-bred or mixed pup. The puppy starter kit will help you and your family introduce your new friend to your home. Contact Dan’s Kennels for more information on any cuddly companion and stop in to bring your puppy home.

Puppies ready to go week of  1/23/16   (Some of  the Actual pictures of puppies in kennel )